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See your project before it's built!

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

BIM Rendering
Rendering of a proposed addition using BIM

See your project before it's built!

Whether a client is looking to design a new space or to remodel an old one, they look to an architect to help them develop the design. However, while clients may be able to verbalize the qualities they want in the design, they are often unable to visualize them.

The most popular method of rendering an idea for a client is with computer-generated drawings. Unfortunately, many clients are not well-versed in being able to read drawings let alone translate them into 3-dimensional images in their minds. Relying solely upon 2-dimensional drawings during the schematic and design phases leaves much to the imagination and may lead to disappointment once the construction phase begins. Although it is possible to make changes during construction, ‘change orders’ most often come hand in hand with additional costs and fees and lead to frustration for all parties involved. If the project is commercial, there is the added stress of delays and the potential of lost revenue.

To counter this snowball effect, grandview architecture uses the latest BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. BIM is a computer design system which is able to integrate all aspects of your design projects -- from architectural design to structural and mechanical systems, into a 3-dimensional model. The term BIM has been used since the late 1990’s with the modeling software initially used for complex, technologically difficult projects. In recent years it has become the tool that allows every client to see exactly what their project will look like from inception to completion.

Existing House - Rear Porch
Existing House - Rear Porch
Existing House
Existing House - Rear

BIM Case Study

Let’s look at a residential case study. This 1920’s home is getting a new rear porch on top of which will sit a second-floor master bath. Although it is not a difficult design project, to keep with the style of the original house the new addition needs to be gracefully integrated with the existing construction. While the architect will sketch out a few elevations to explain how the addition will be situated questions may still arise: Where does the roof of the bathroom extend? How does the new porch meet the ground? By creating a 3-dimensional BIM rendering our clients are able to see exactly what is going to be demolished (as noted by the red overlay below) and what the addition will look like. The rendering clearly indicates how the addition will blend with the existing structure.

Additionally, BIM helps the design to be coordinated across all disciplines so that any plumbing, electrical or mechanical change is automatically updated in the drawing sets. This ensures a wholistic development of each project rather than a piecemeal approach which may cause unseen issues at the later construction stages.

BIM Demo Rendering
BIM Rendering to show what existing items will get demolished

grandview architecture is able to provide clients with simple massing models or fully rendered, photo-realistic snapshots of what their project will look like. This helps to ensures that our clients’ desires are being realized.

Contact grandview architecture to see your next project before it's built.

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