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Could this cause your roof to collapse too?

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Clogged Roof Drain
Clogged Roof Drain

Preventing your roof from collapsing!

Do you own a commercial property or are you responsible for a commercial property? Do you have a maintenance contract, or have someone responsible for checking your roof drains once a month? If not, you should, and here is why.

commercial property inspection

During a commercial property inspection I completed I was talking with the tenant. He was telling me about how an entire bay of the roof structure collapsed over the loading dock area a couple years ago due to the roof drains being clogged, and the overflow scuppers could not keep up with the amount of water coming down during a heavy thunderstorm. The tenant had been working the night of the collapse and minutes prior had been under the soon to be collapsed structure. Luckily he and everyone else who worked there were out on the sales floor when the structure gave way, and only the property was damaged.

Clean out your Roof Drains

It’s never a great feeling to be climbing up on a roof, right after hearing a story like this. I thought to myself after a catastrophic issue like your roof collapsing they must have someone cleaning out the roof drains regularly. Well, the picture above was what I found, completely clogged roof drains. Hopefully, the structural engineer accounted for more ponding capacity than the last engineer.

To schedule a commercial inspection call grandview architecture, pllc at (585)735-4822. For more home and commercial maintenance tips make sure you sign up for blog updates by clicking on the button on the top right of the blog page.

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